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Double Glazing in Adelaide

Double glazing in Adelaide is an extremely efficient method to insulate your home whilst saving you money to heat and cool your home. Double glazing also excels in traffic noise reduction. Double glazing techniques have advanced over the years and the use of a Insulated glass unit (IGU) has proven to work super efficiently. Consisting of 2 layers of glass with an air space in between, creating a completely sealed modern looking unit. The glass make up of the unit can vary to suit your own specific needs. All double glazed units are custom made to any size that you shall require. Double glazing has excellent thermal properties along superior noise reduction creating a great cost to benefit glazing solution.

Due to the overall thickness of a double glazed unit some standard household window and door frames cannot accommodate this form of double glazing. You may be required to replace your existing frame work. This can be an expensive exercise so the team at Unley Glass can give you advice on other options so that your desired result can still be achieved. This may be in the form of new single glazing.

Single glazing is an effective alternative other than double glazing aiding in thermal insulation to your home along with noise/sound reduction. Single glazing consists of removing your existing glass and replacing with an energy efficient glass (low e) for thermal insulation or a Laminated hush glass for noise/sound transfer reduction. Both of these methods work extremely well as an alternative method to double glazing and are available in different thicknesses.

Single glaze Low E glass consists of a thermal coated layer to the internal face of the glass allowing natural light emission without emitting radiant heat thus maximizing energy efficiency. This glass works well for heating in winter and cooling in summer and also minimizes UV transfer which will protect furniture and timber floors. Low E glass can also be laminated or toughened depending on location or application to achieve your desired result.

Hush glass is a laminated glass product consisting of 2 single layers of glass adhered together with a 0.5mm thick laminated interlayer creating great noise/sound reduction. This form of glazing works great to reduce traffic noise. Compared to ordinary window glass using Hush glass can improve noise/sound reduction by up to 50% depending on thickness of glass.

Our helpful staff an Unley Glass can give you the best advice and answer all your questions for your double or single glazing requirements.