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Pet Doors Adelaide - Flaps for Dogs and Cats

Unley Glass in Adelaide are the experts in supply and installation of pet doors specifically designed to adapt to glass windows and glass doors in your home.

Unley Glass will provide you all the advice you will need in choosing the right pet door to suit yours and your pets requirements with a detailed explanation of the entire process from one of our friendly staff members, which will even include ideas as to where to install your new pet door.

At Unley Glass we understand that not all pets are the same size or with the same temperament and we can assist you with the best advice possible for your beloved pet and their very own pet door.

We supply pet doors in Adelaide in a range of sizes. When choosing the right size, the next step is to choose a suitable location that both works for you and your pet, most commonly being a laundry window or door, possibly the main living area or bedroom. Wherever the location Unley Glass can make it happen.

At Unley Glass we only recommend and use A grade toughened safety glass to use in conjunction with your pet door. Most household windows and doors will in fact have some form of safety glass already existing which cannot be cut down or re manufactured to adapt with pet doors. Some older style low level windows may have standard float glass which may be cut down to suit however Unley Glass strongly recommends against this method as it will weaken your existing glass and present a possible risk to your pet. Unley Glass only recommends removal of your existing window or door panel to be reglazed in A grade toughened safety glass with a cutout to suit your new pet door. Toughened safety is 6 times stronger than ordinary glass and complies with the Australian AS1288/2006 standards. The pet door will then simply be affixed to your new glass panel. The entire procedure can be achieved in under an hour subject to a site inspection.

Unley Glass recommends and stocks both Transcat and Petway doors in a variety of sizes and you will certainly find one that suits your pet.

At Unley Glass we understand safety and security are extremely important in the home and the pet doors we stock are made from high grade commercial polycarbonate which are strong and durable, made to last. They even have basic locking mechanisms to suit one directional use or to lock off completely if you choose to go away. These pet doors are designed to blend in with the glass and not to become an eyesore. We can also install other brands of pet doors that a customer may choose to supply.

Please feel free to call us today about installing a new pet door in your home by one of our qualified tradesmen.